Black Flowers & Roses

Black Flowers & Roses

Top 10 Black Flowers

Here is a list of the top 10 black flowers and plants, as voted for by the Chelsea garden show this year. Add these for a dramatic and magical element to your garden and flowers beds.

Given the choice which one of these flowers or plants would you love at your wedding, party or special occasion? I prefer the classic black rose, dark and mysterious.. yet elegant at the same time.

1) Hyacinth Midnight Mystique


2) Viola perennis prunella


3) Fuchsia Maxima


4) Iris Black the Affair


5) Ophiopogon nigrescens


6) Aeonium Arboreum Schwartzkopf


7) Zantedeschia Black Star


8) Tulipa Queen of the Night


9) Phormium Platt’s Black


10) Black dahlia


What are your favourite black plants and flowers? Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions, and also if you disagree with any of the flowers in our list.

How To Grow Black Roses?

Growing a pure black rose is very difficult, but do not let that put you off. There are many rose varieties that can be grown so dark, you can hardly tell the difference! Good news for the gardener who wants to make a statement and be a little different.

1) Choose a dark rose variety. There’s no such thing as a 100% black rose, although breeders and genetic engineers are trying to make one. However, the right growing techniques can make an extremely dark flower, with just a hint of red or burgundy. Start with a rose variety that produces dark flowers with a velvety texture. Ask a florist for more advice, or track down one of these varieties:

  • Black Jade is one of the most popular dark roses, but can be vulnerable to pests and disease. It turns dark in hot weather.
  • Black Baccara is likely the darkest commonly available rose, but the flowers are small and unscented. It appears darker in cooler weather.
  • Midnight Blue is one of the darkest purple roses available. It has an unusual clove scent.
  • Other options include Nigrette, Black Magic, Black Pearl, Black Ice, Black Beauty, Blackout, and Taboo. Before buying any rose, check climate requirements and size.

2) Plant in a greenhouse if possible. The exact colour your rose ends up can depend on chance factors such as temperature and light. For best results, plant it in a greenhouse where you can control these factors precisely.

  • Always look up your variety or ask a garden nursery for information on space requirements, soil type, and sun levels.
  • For general information on planting and growing roses.
3) Consider watering with floral dye. Some online sources recommend adding black food colouring to the water used to care for the roses. This is unlikely to work, since the roots will not absorb most dyes. If you want to try this, your best bet is to ask a florist for a professional florist dye. These are usually intended for cut flowers, not living plants, but they are less likely to harm your rose.
A massive thanks to the source of this information WikiHow. So… are you going to try and grow your owns black roses? Do you have any extra tips and advice on growing the darkest rose possible? Please get in touch if you do.

Where To Buy Black Flowers & Roses?

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Black Flowers At Weddings…?

Why got to the extreme of having black flowers or roses on your special day? Think back on some of the weddings you’ve attended and chances are, one of the first things that comes to mind is the flowers. After all, until the bride makes her entrance the flowers are the star of the show.

It might sound silly, but a little thing like a simple rose bud or daisy can make a powerful impact on our lives. Open up your grandmother’s wedding album and you’ll probably find one single rose, pressed delicately between its pages, that she kept from her own bridal bouquet. Look into the diaries of young girls and chances are you’ll find pressed between the pages, the corsage from their first prom, or the daisy from their first crush.

Black Flowers & Roses

A young mother will have a pink or blue carnation tucked into the pages of her baby’s journal. The fragrant aromas of flowers often even help enhance our memories of these special events, too. Our sense of smell is a powerful tool that affects more than we realize. Have you ever noticed that every time you smell lilacs, you think of that time you and your dad had so much fun together when you went on that father/daughter hike at the arboretum?

Or that every time you smell lavender it reminds you of that time you played dress up with your grandmother. And every time you smell roses, you’re reminded of that boy back in high school who hid a rose in your locker every day for a week until the neighbour caught him stealing them from her garden.

Flowers affect our moods, too. Who can’t be happy when they walk past a patch of daisies? Sunflowers automatically make you smile. Roses remind us of romance. Lilies of the valley make us think springy thoughts. Pussy willows make us cosy.

The colours of flowers, especially how they are combined, make a powerful impaction our mood as well. Walking by a garden of mixed and colourful flowers puts you in a light, happy, carefree mood. Walk by the next garden where all of the flowers are arranged by colour, with the reds over here and the yellows over there, and you’re struck by the beauty and solemnity of contrast and balance.

Black Flowers & Roses

This is a good example of how flowers play an important role in the theme of your wedding. They will most certainly make in impact on your guests and it’s up to you to decide what kind of an impression you want them to make.

Do you want your wedding to be a beautiful, glamorous event or do you want to project an image of simplicity and timeless elegance? Are you a minimalist and trendy sort of bride or more casual, relaxed and breezy? Do you want to have a fairytale wedding or a modern affair? All of these images will be enhanced and heightened by the flowers you choose for your wedding décor and your bridal bouquet.

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